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Stålhammer (ca. 1 kg)

Hammer af høj kvalitet (0,91 kg). Dette er det vigtigste værktøj, når du skal bygge din WoodBlocX-struktur. Advarsel! Brug altid sikkerhedsbriller, når du arbejder med hammeren!

75 kr.

Rigtige kundeanmeldelser godkendt af feefo

  • Clear design to self-build

    • Useful tools supplied for the task.

      G Fitzgerald i London
    • Thank you for your 5-star review! Your feedback is very important to us so thank you for taking the time to leave this review. Thank you for choosing our WoodBlocX!

      Kirsty @ WoodBlocX
    • Good item at sensible price.

      David Germany
    • Thank you for your valuable feedback. We're delighted that you had such a positive experience with us. You're quite right, as a natural product, there will be an amount of expansion and contraction determined by weather. It sounds as if you did the right thing by getting it out of the rain prior to build. We always recommend building as soon as possible, so that the build expands and contracts together. I'm pleased you were able to overcome this. If you have any questions, please always reach out to us, we're happy to help.

      Adie @ WoodBlocX
  • the design team was very helpful and professional.

    • you definitely need this tool - so good

      Angeline Huntley
    • Hi Angeline! Thank you very much for the 5-star feedback. We are delighted to hear that you are pleased with your purchase. I will be sure to pass your feedback on to the Design Team. We hope to see you again soon!

      Steven @ WoodBlocX
  • Excellent service, great instructions and easy t build.

    • Ideal for the purpose and a useful addition to my toolkit

      John McCann
    • Hi John! Thank you very much for the great review! We are delighted that you are pleased with your purchase. Feel free to get in touch anytime if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase in the future

      Steven @ WoodBlocX
    • Perfect for the job. Thank you

      Philip Reynolds i Gloucestershire
  • Very good designs & quality

    • Was good to include to complete the assembly

    • We are delighted to hear you had a great experience with us. the 5-star review is very much appreciated!

      Steven @ WoodBlocX